Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Nephews..

All of children in this pictures is my naughty nephews.. I have 9 nephews, 4 males and 5 females.. They make me feel happy and lovely. I never bored with each of them.. Miss them always..

My Nephews..

This is Alya & Iqbal when crying & sleep...
Tasya & her brother, Haiqal..

Ira & her sister, Nadia.

Fareed, Sofia & Farheen are the most naughty then others..

They are so Cute...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Take a Look My Family Members..

That is my beloved family members.. Have 3 male & 3 female... Nice right? Wish to be a happy family... So, guest where am I????

Name : Sapiting Darum
Date of Birth : 01 October 1948
Place of Birth : Kg Lohan Ranau, Sabah
My father was pass away in year 1992 where I was on 8 years old.. I really love him and always miss him....

Name : Wahimah Naim
Date of Birth : 15 March 1955
Place of Birth : Kg Mohimboyon, Ranau Sabah
My mother is my hero & heroin in my life.. She never gives up making sure us as her childre grow up in a good condition... I really love her... That is my mother...

Name : Idahwati Sapiting
Date of Birth : 04 September 1978
Place of Birth : Kg Himbaan Ranau, Sabah
Job : Admin Clerk at Queen Elizabeth Hospital
She is my first sister. Beautiful right????? Many people said, her beauty was post to me hehehehe... She meets her soul mate and gets married with her beloved husband Johari Suhaimin on 30 December 1999. Now, she has three children which only one girl. First son is Mohd Fareed Johari, second is a girl who name is Nur Sofia Soraya bt Johari and the last is Mohd Farheen Johari. My nephews are naughty but so cute, like parents like child hahahahahaha Don't believe it?????????????????? Come and see them by own..

Name : Rosman Sapiting
Date of Birth : 23 January 1980
Place of Birth : Kg Himbaan Ranau, Sabah
Job : Policeman
That is my big brother... So big like his body heeeeeeeeeee He marries his wife Siti Nurizati Abdullah on earlier year 2005. They already have 1 pair children who is first daughter is Alya Mayafitri bt Rosman and their son Iqbal Ean Danish bin Rosman. Did you realize that Alya smiling is so sweet, just like me hahahahahaha

Name : Rizuan Sapiting
Date of Birth : 25 March 1981
Place of Birth : Clinic Bundu Tuhan Ranau, Sabah
Job : Working with Family Business
He is my happening brother, very like to make a joke. If you are around his life, of course you are always smile and laughing.. Last year on Raya Day, he was getting married with his beloved wife Sandra Jaikil. The beginning of their love are at UMS Sabah, after 1 year and half in love they were live in husband and wife life beginning on 21 October 2007. Wish them to get child as soon as possible hehehehehehe

Name : Jais Sapiting
Date of Birth : 18 June 1982
Place of Birth : Kg Himbaan, Ranau Sabah
Job : at Yayasan Sabah Cawangan Tawau
He is my handsome brother... Many people said that his face just like me, so let think about it. If he is a handsome guy, of course I was a beautiful girl. Am I right???????????? He was getting married with his lovely wife Nurul Ain who comes from Tawau, Sabah. Let me tell you all that his wife is like to cook and all of the time her cook will be a delicious test like the KFC slogan that is eat until liking finger hehehehe They was have also 1 pair of children which is the first daughter is Nur Nabila Natasya bt Jais and their son is Mohd Haiqal Haqimi bin Jais..
Name : Joniah Sapiting
Date of Birth : 11 November 1983
Place of Birth : Kg Himbaan Ranau, Sabah
Job : Housewife
She is my second sister who have a smooth attitude.. Did you believe that many people said that she is my little sister????? How come, she is my elder sister which one year old than me. She was starting as a wife life on year 2003 and now she have 2 daughters with her husband Rayanes. First daughter name is Siti Nurnazira bt Rayanes and second daughter is Siti Nurnadia bt Rayanes... Wish them happy family always..

It is me…. The last child in this family… I’m pampered?? I don’t think so heeeee Let me story a about myself, I'm born on 24 Desember 1984 at Kg Himbaan, Ranau Sabah. I'm still single and my siblings and parents is my big family yet.. Family is everything to me... Love them so much..

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wedding Gallery...

My sister's engagement on November 1999

Wedding Day on 31 December 1999 in Husband's family house at Kundasang...

With Family on sister's wedding...

Brother's Wedding & Engagement

Cousin wedding on December 2007...

Monday, December 10, 2007

My Convocation Day....

My Graduation Day...

With My Beloved Mom in my convocation...

Happiness with my friend...

With My Best Friend...

Sharing happiness with my entire friend...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Abang Wan Wedding..

Prayer after "Akad Nikah"

"Makan Beradat"

Taking pic with Brother & Wife...

My Family at Brother's Wedding Day...

Me withe new family member....